Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Winter's end?

I can't complain about the cold because we had such a wonderful time Family Day weekend at Allegany State Park, NY - It was -27 C on one day, our x-country ski day was a balmy -10. Wonderful memories but I think we're ready for spring now.

Sabine scooting down the amazing Art Roscoe Trails - the conditions were spectacular and no crowds, perhaps because of the dangerously cold temps!  

This wonderful bunch helped me celebrate a big birthday and talked me into buying a cozy hat.

Something new - housewares. Pot holders with sashiko embroidery on linen.
You can find them in my Etsy shop here 

Sashiko means "little stabs" in Japanese and is a traditional embroidery method designed to reinforce points of wear.  Shop

The Blue Whale - memories of a trip to Tadoussac a few years ago :)

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