Friday, 16 March 2018

New PUL Waterproof Adult/Youth Bibs

I've been making vinyl bibs for more than 25 years, I distinctly remember making the first one for my firstborn and he's 27 now! At the time I didn't have plans to make more although I did think they were a great idea and so did my friends when they saw his cheerful bib that I could simply wipe clean and so it began.

There have been lots of changes to the design over the years, different sizes and neck closures but the ingredients where always the same, nice quality quilting cotton with clear 8 gauge vinyl. I know they last, don't stain and make for a great deal less laundry not only because they can be wiped clean but they don't let anything soak through...that is the idea of a good bib right?

Now here's the exciting part! Many customers have asked me for fabric bibs with terry on the back and I have done reversible fabric bibs with a flannel lining which are popular but there's nothing like a waterproof bib. So now there's a solution, it's called PUL terry, a new ECO-friendly terry cloth fabric that has a laminated waterproof backing used for everything from mattress covers to diaper covers.

This is the regular Adult bib size available in over 30 fabrics, visit Sew Alice to see more and shop

This is the pretty Church Flowers fabric PUL reversible bib in the small Adult/Youth size with an optional waterproof pocket.