Monday, 17 June 2013


I had short but wonderful weekend backpacking adventure with two good friends at Frontenac Provincial Park. Everything was intense compared to the city life I'm so acclimatized to; the fresh air (except for the outhouse) the campfire smell, hiking 6 kms. in the pouring rain... I feel very lucky.

Here's a new phone case design in my Etsy store, for some reason the chevron reminds me of camping gear.

And the linen version

Monday, 3 June 2013

Vinyl Apron Story

A few years ago I designed a waterproof/stain-proof vinyl apron for some of my friends who work with glue and oils and wanted something to protect their clothes. They're a popular item but some customers really wanted a pocket so here's the new Vinyl Pocket Apron.  The large pocket covers the whole front of the apron across the bottom and comes about 1/3 up the front, it's sewn in place down the front sides creating three pocket sections. I think they make a great shop apron or for arts and crafts, while working you can keep tools handy and your hands free. Over 25 fabrics to choose from!

The Grey Bouquet vinyl apron is pretty - practical and comfortable.

The Sunrise Vinyl Apron - one of the most popular apron prints

Vinyl aprons for kids - Farm Fresh

Cute little Bears in a Line

The kid's aprons are available in sets of 2 or 3 - at a discount, check them out here.

Here's a gift suggestion: matching Mother and Daughter aprons or Father and Son aprons for father's day.